Easy and Fast

Discover how Factuur Simpel helps you to create your invoices and quotations quickly and easily.

Send quotations

If you receive a request, you would prefer to be able to send your quotation immediately.

Professional quotations

In Factuur Simpel you can create your quotation, neatly with your own logo or stationery, in a few clicks.

Easy to ship

Send your quotation by email to your customer at lightning speed, directly from Factuur Simpel.

Everything in 1 overview

From the quotation overview you have direct insight into the status of your quotations and you can send, edit, download and copy quotations.

Sending invoices

Sending invoices is a nice feeling, but it shouldn't take too much time.

From quotation to invoice

Has your quotation been approved? Then you can create an invoice from your quotation in a few clicks. It's that easy!

Work fast

By creating customer data and products in Factuur Simpel, you can invoice even faster. When creating your invoice, you simply select the right customer and the relevant products.

Different Layouts

Does your company use different brand or trade names? No problem! With Factuur Simpel you can use multiple invoice and quotation layouts.

Track your expenses

You also incur costs to earn money. Keep track of your expenses easily with Factuur Simpel.

Book on the go

Receipts are easily lost, invoices are sometimes forgotten. But not with Factuur Simpel! Enter your receipts and invoices directly from anywhere, anytime by uploading them or forwarding them to your account by email.

Great cooperation

Easily export overviews of your expenses for your accountant, tax advisor or for yourself!

Insight into your results

The result counts! Because you always have a direct overview of your expenses, you can quickly see what you have earned.

Get Paid

Unfortunately, the fact that you have sent an invoice does not always mean that the money is also in your account. Factuur Simpel helps you to get your invoices paid faster.

Let your customer pay online

By using our link with Mollie, you send customers a payment link with your invoice. Yes, customer can pay your invoice online so easily. Many customers even pay immediately upon receipt of the invoice!

Keep track

From your invoice overview you can quickly see which invoices have been paid and which are still outstanding. That way you will never forget an invoice!

Automatic reminders

Has your invoice expired, but you have not yet received payment? Factuur Simpel automatically sends a reminder to your customer to help them remember.

Knowing what you deserve

As an entrepreneur it is important to always have good insight into your income and expenditure, so that you know what you earn.

Clear dashboard

On our clear dashboard you will find all important information about your account and your administration.

Income and expenses

Your income and expenses for this year and previous years are shown in a graph so that you can follow the development of your company.

Open and expired invoices

From the quotation overview you have direct insight into the status of your quotations and you can send, edit, download and copy quotations.

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You will see that Factuur Simpel can save you a lot of time, time that you can spend on your company.

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